Sergio Farfán blends the experiences from his hometown in Peru with the life he’s lived in Chicago to create works that focus on the struggles, dreams, and emotions that people go through in their life. Farfán began to draw as a form of therapy as he struggled through his anxiety. Whatever was troubling him or whenever he just wanted to forget what was going on in the world around him, he found refuge in his art and would draw his favorite cartoon characters he would see on TV.  As he grew up, he noticed that other people had their own stories to tell which he related to and uses as inspiration. Farfán’s creative process comes from utilizing a range of mediums and integrating stylistic techniques from realism to abstraction to create his pieces. He has provided artwork for public and private events, some of which included Chad Smith, from the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, performing in front of his work to rapper Gucci Mane during Four Loko’s Lollapalooza pre-game party. Farfán is a full-time artist and works out of his studio at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.


My work explores the idea of innocence and the human conditions such as happiness, anxiety, depression, and playfulness which are relatable subjects that we all possess.


I utilize a wide range of mediums like spray paint, acrylic, and graphite all while integrating classical techniques with childlike sketches. My work is influenced by the genres of pop art, cubism, and urban contemporary art. The addition of phrases or words that I pull from the music and ideas that pop into my head aid in hinting at the overall conceptual idea of the piece. The way I compose the writing transforms into a code meant to be deciphered by the audience. The mark-making symbolizes emotion, from quick, anxious scratches to carefully placed, soothing strokes. Each piece contains multiple layers of different paintings and drawings, creating the foundation for my main focus.


“Kans” is the name of the characters I created. They represent the emotions I’m going through at the time. The use of horns and halos stand as a metaphor for the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, emphasizing how each one of us has a good and bad side. The common factor the characters share is that they reflect the masks we put on to hide our true feelings. Anyone can put on a façade and happy on the outside, but struggle with anxiety and depression on the inside. These are the stories I wish to tell and where I draw much of my inspiration from. At first glance, my artworks can have a very playful and nostalgic vibe but also have a very meaningful and serious undertone. The layers on the canvases reflect all the aspects of life we build up. Bumps, cracks, splatters, and drips are the stories that lay underneath the foundation of the person we become.






TV Heads, Loft Zero Gallery, Chicago, IL   2016

Exposed, The Silver Room, Chicago, IL   2015

Mystery, TMRucker Gallery, Chicago, IL   2015


Complex Pop-Up, CC’s Art Garage, Chicago, IL   2017

Up and Coming Chicago Artists Showcase, Genesis Art Supply, Chicago, IL   2016


Turn Around Arts, Soho House, Chicago, IL   2017

Ft. Series, Number Project, Chicago, IL   2017

Chicago Sleepers Pop-Up, Chicago Sleepers, Chicago, IL   2017 

Vertical Gallery Holiday Pop-Up, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, IL   2016

Centerline Group Show, Zhou B. Gallery, Chicago, IL   2016

3rd Annual City of Big Dreams Fundraiser, Chop Shop, Chicago, IL   2016

Pokemon Show, Secret Vault Boutique, Arlington Heights, IL   2016

Diffused Galleria Opening, Diffused Galleria, Chicago, IL   2016

Open House, Secret Vault Gallery, Arlington Heights, IL   2016

Maskerade by AMFM, Chicago Art Department, Chicago, IL   2016

You Are Beautiful Show, Galerie F, Chicago, IL   2016

Smalls Show, Paper Crown Gallery, Chicago, IL   2015

Covers by Genesis Supply, Iridium Clothing, Chicago, IL   2015

Slanted Canvas, Art Genesis Supply, Chicago, IL   2015

TMRucker Group Show, Throop Studio, Chicago, IL   2015

Third Friday, Zhou B Art Center, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL   2015


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